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Innovative Projects and New Strategies

New Approaches for Asset Building

Many AFI grantees are taking innovative approaches to enhance their projects—approaches they can share with other grantees. Areas of innovation include developing IDA programs and services for youth; working with financial partners such as credit unions and housing agencies; and integrating IDA services into other programs for low-income people, such as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and job training. Such AFI “success stories” include a California couple who overcame substance abuse and legal issues to put a roof over the heads of their three kids, and a Hawaii woman who after 16 years was finally able to make it as a florist. In Arkansas, a cabinet maker expanded her in-home shop and stayed close to her children, who may go into the family business. This section includes documents on the latest and most promising IDA innovations, and has details on how AFI participants have achieved their asset-purchase goals.

Resource Categories
Innovative Strategies

Innovative Strategies

Gathering Diverse Local Funds

Strategic Partnerships

AFI Funding and Asset Building Strategies for Community Action Agencies

AFI and Small Businesses: Helping Entrepreneurs Build Assets

AFI and Small Credit Unions: Helping Families Build Assets

Asset Building for Parents and Families

Assets and Opportunity Network

Building Residents' Economic Opportunities, Meeting Your Housing Goals

Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Programs at Public Housing Agencies

Financial Education and Matched Savings for Student Retention

Financial Education and Matched Savings: Helping Low Income Communities

Introduction to the Assets for Independence (AFI) Program for Goodwill Members

Investing in Teens for Tomorrow

Using IDAs to Advance Workforce Development Strategies

Strong Homes and Businesses in Latino Communities Webinar

Place Based Initiatives

Building Neighborhood Capacity, Byrne Criminal Justice, and Promise Neighborhoods

Choice Neighborhoods

Promise Zones

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