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"The NoA outlines the building blocks of each grantee's award"

Notice of Award Document

Though each grantee gets a Notice of Award (NoA) document when it first receives an award, the document is an essential resource for the whole span of the project period. A NoA outlines the basic elements of the Federal funding provided to the grantee. Information on the grant, project budget, project period, and grantee organization is fundamental for a grantee’s future reporting and recordkeeping. 

The NoA is a technical document used for a range of Federal grant programs. The section summaries below explain the contents of the NoA specific to AFI grants. This sample NoA shows where the information appears on the document.

Box 1Awarding Office. Office of Community Services (OCS).

* 'Discretionary' is the Federal Government's term for competitive grant awards

Box 2Assistance Type. "Discretionary Grant."

Box 3Award Number. The number is in the format 90EIXXXX/01.

Box 4Amend. No. This will be blank on the NoA for the grant award. The box will include a number if the grant is changed during the project period.

* 'Demonstration' means the Government is evaluating the effectiveness of the grant program

Box 5Type of Award. "Demonstration."

Box 6Type of Action. This will be "New" for the initial NoA created for a grant award. It will be “Amendment” if the award is changed during the project period and a new NoA is issued to reflect the change.

Box 7Award Authority. P.L. 105-285; 42 U.S.C. 604 (this is the citation to the law authorizing HHS to award the grant.)

Box 8Budget Period. The 5-year period starting the date the award is issued and ending the date it expires.

Box 9Project Period. Like the budget period, this is the 5-year period starting the date the award is issued and ending the date it expires.

Box 10Cat. No 93.602 (Catalogue of Federal Domestic Assistance).

Box 11Recipient Organization and Authorized Official. The name and address of the grantee organization, and name of the official of the organization who signed the grant application.

Box 12Project/Program Title. The name of the AFI project as provided in the grant application.

Box 13County. The county where the grantee organization is located.

Box 14Congr. Dist. The congressional district where the grantee organization is located.

Box 15Principal Investigator or Program Director. This is the name of the official listed as the program director in the grant application. If the application did not provide a name, this box will be blank.

Box 16Approved Budget. This will list the entire Federal AFI grant amount as "Other" and as "Direct Costs." All other categories will be listed as zero. The amount of the Federal AFI grant will be listed as "Total Approved Budget."

Box 17Award Computation. This will display the amount of the Federal AFI grant as the "Federal Share" and the amount of required non-Federal cash contribution as the "Non-Federal Share." It will list the non-Federal share as equal to the Federal AFI grant amount.

Box 18Federal Share Computation. This will list the Federal AFI grant amount as the "Total Federal Share" and the "Fed. Share Awarded This Budget Period." It will list as zero the "Unobligated Balance Federal Share."

Box 19Amount Awarded This Action. This is the total amount of the AFI grant awarded for the 5-year period.

Box 20Federal $ Awarded This Project Period. This is the total amount of the AFI grant awarded for the 5-year period.

Box 21Authorized Treatment of Program Income. This will be "additional costs." This means grantees may use program income to pay program expenses.

Box 22Recipient Organization's Employer Identification Number.

Box 23Payee EIN. This is the EIN of the entity that will receive the grant funds. Boxes 22 and 23 usually list the grantee organization's EIN.

Box 24Object Class. An HHS accounting field.

Box 25Financial Information. Lists seven HHS accounting fields.

Box 26Remarks. Includes important information about the grant, such as the minimum and maximum amounts of the Federal grant funds that may be used for particular purposes.

Box 27Signature of ACF Grants Officer. The ACF official responsible for managing the fiscal aspects of the award.

Box 28Signature(s) Certifying Fund Availability. OCS Budget Officer.

Box 29Signature and Title – Program Officials. OCS Director or a representative of the Director.

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