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"Grantees should keep track of all updates they receive from the Resource Center, as the timelines and procedures for the Data Report change each year."

Data Reports for the Annual Report to Congress

Each year, the Office of Community Services (OCS) compiles all the data from grantees’ reports and presents a summary to Congress. The summary report testifies to the effectiveness of the program and ensures AFI projects will continue to receive adequate funding in years to come.

OCS uses the cumulative Data Reports from every AFI project in the country in its analysis for Congress.

All grantees are required by law to provide accurate and timely data each year.

Please contact the AFI Resource Center if you have not received your username and password.
By December 1, all grantees must submit their Data Reports using a special password-protected online form. The AFI Resource Center will contact each grantee by email or phone to provide it with a unique username and password.
Data Report FAQs
What if a grantee has not begun to implement its AFI project due to financial issues, lack of non-Federal contribution, changes in personnel, or other factors? Federal law requires all AFI grantees to submit Data Reports annually. It is vital that each grantee submit a data report, even if it has not made progress in implementing or even starting its AFI project. Each year, the AFI Resource Center releases instructions for completing the Data Report for projects with no participants.


What if a grantee finishes its 5-year project period on September 30 of the Data Report year? Is the grantee required to complete the Data Report that fall? Yes. Grantees whose closeout periods include part of the fiscal year following the end of their project periods must complete Data Reports that encompass those closeout periods.  During a closeout period, IDA savers may still make matched withdrawals for their asset purchases. It is important that grantees include data about any such activities and withdrawals in their final data submissions. If no participant withdrawals or expenditures occurred after the project end date, the grantee should submit a form for the final year, reporting the same information submitted in the prior year's report. All grantees who receive 1-year no-cost extensions of their project periods must complete Data Reports for the years included in the extensions and for the years encompassing their new closeout periods.
In the late summer of each year, the AFI Resource Center provides guidance to grantees on the process and timeline for completing Data Reports. The Resource Center provides several helpful documents and guides throughout the reporting period, including FAQs, checklists and instructions for grantees with special cases. Grantees should keep track of all updates they receive from the Resource Center, as the timelines and procedures for the Data Report change each year.

Data Reporting Form

The Data Report form is a multipage document with a series of questions about AFI projects. The questions are essentially the same from year to year, though the format by which grantees fill it out changes. Data Report topics include:
  • AFI project structure: Staffing and project sites.
  • Project features: IDA design, match rate, maximum savings times, financial literacy training requirements, and other services offered to participants.
  • IDA holder characteristics: Number who attended orientation, number who enrolled, number with IDAs, participant demographics, and intended uses of IDA savings.
  • Project Reserve Fund: Amount of the AFI grant drawn down, amount of funds in Project Reserve Fund, and names of financial institution partners.
  • IDA holder savings: Amount of funds in participant IDAs and number of participant IDAs the grantee has opened and closed.
  • IDA holder withdrawals: Amount of funds participants have withdrawn from their IDAs.

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