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Expectations for the Data Report change each year, so keep track of all updates from the AFI Resource Center.

Technical Tips for the Data Report

Filling out the annual AFI Data Report can be tricky. Below is a list of things grantees should keep in mind when they sit down to crunch the numbers every year. 

  • Save the report often. You can never push the "Save" button too many times.
  • Don't hit the "Submit Report" button until you have reviewed your responses and made any necessary changes. Once the report is submitted, you will not be able to make changes on your own. Use the "Save" function until you are sure the report is accurate and final.
  • For proper formatting of the form, use Internet Explorer as your Web browser, instead of Firefox, Netscape, or Safari, to open the Data Report.
  • If the screen is not formatted correctly when you open the form, check your text size by clicking "View —› Text Size —› Medium."
  • When using the "Print Report" button on the Data Report form, give the system a moment to make sure the entire form is downloaded first before you select "File —› Print." Use the "Print Preview" button to make sure the form is ready to print.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to complete the form.

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