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If you are having issues with personnel at your organization or one of your project partners, feel free to contact the AFI Resource Center.

Changes in Personnel

AFI grants last 5 years, and it is normal for grantees to go through some organizational changes over that period. Grantees are responsible for keeping OCS and OGM up to date on any changes in their staff or contact information. Such updates allow grantees to request no-cost extensions and drawdowns, for example, and have access to all the updates and assistance OCS and OGM offer. 

Review the list below for common personnel changes and how to handle each.

Types of Personnel Changes

Change:    Authorizing official
Importance:    The authorizing official, most often the Executive Director, is the person whose name appears on the Notice of Award. On the OCS and OGM records, this is the only person who may request extensions, or design changes.
What to Do:     Send a letter, on agency letterhead, signed by an appropriate representative (perhaps the current director or board chairperson) stating the change and the effective date. Grantees may include board resolutions or other documentation.
Notify OGM:     Send the original letter to your Grants Management Specialist.
Notify OCS:     Send a paper copy or email an attachment to OCS.
Change:     IDA project manager or primary contact
Importance:     This is the person OCS has the most contact with to stay up to date on AFI projects. This person may sign narrative reports (if the authorizing official doesn't) and usually is the one to call the AFI Resource Center with questions.
Notify OCS:     Send a letter or email to OCS explaining the change and asking to have the new contact entered in the database as primary, and added to the listserv and other communications lists.
Notify OGM:     Copy letter or email to your Grants Management Specialist.
Change:     Financial institution contact
Read more on changing the financial institution
Importance:     This person often signs the financial reports.
Notify OGM:     Have the authorizing official send a letter to your Grants Management Specialist naming the new financial contact and the effective date.
Notify OCS:     Send OCS a copy (via hard copy or email) of your letter to OGM.
This section refers to network project partners that manage IDA offerings for some participants working virtually as smaller grantees themselves.
Change:     Partner that administers IDA accounts
Importance:     Different partners or subgrantee sites might have more capacity or commitment to achieve the goals of the AFI project.
What to do:     Send the name and contact information for the new staff member(s) to OCS via email, and have him or her contact the Resource Center to get up to speed on AFI guidelines.
This section refers to contractors hired by the grantee to perform a specific and narrow service (for example, financial education.)
Change:   Provider Contracted for Services
Importance:     Prior approval is not needed for contracted services but remember that grantees must remain within the guidelines for project implementation costs: a maximum of 15% of Federal and nonfederal dollars in your Project Reserve Fund.
What to do:     If you want your providers to receive AFI communications directly, send their contact information and a note on their role(s) to OCS via email.

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