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Download a Word version of this checklist and follow the steps carefully when putting together an extension request.

Checklist for Requesting a No-Cost Extension

Grantees should always be looking forward when it comes to completing their AFI projects. If they decide to request no-cost extensions, they should plan ahead to ensure their requests go smoothly. Grantees may submit requests anytime between January 1 and June 30 of the year their projects would originally end. Below is a quick checklist of key steps for completing an extension request.

                                           Activities / Milestones

   Completed / Date

  1. Review the procedures for requesting a no-cost extension, including reading the official Information Memo.
  1. Review the FAQs on requesting a no-cost extension.
  1. Draw down all possible Federal award funds well before the original project end date—at least 6 weeks in advance. Grantees may not draw down any Federal funds after the original project end date.
  1. Participate in an overview of the no-cost extension process and requirements with OCS. Watch out for email invites and check the AFI Calendar for the date and time.
  1. Check with the AFI Resource Center to make sure the authorizing official on record is current. The extension request must come from that official, and the approved extension and new award document must go to that person. Provide documentation for any change if necessary.
  1. Prepare the work plan for the extension period. How will you use the time? How many additional participants will make an asset purchase? Will you enroll and fast-track new participants? What will you change to complete the project in the extension period? In the narrative work plan, include:
    • Original goals for enrollment
    • Projected status at the end of the original project period
    • Projected outcomes and achievements after receiving an extension
  1. Contact the AFI Resource Center to make sure it has all required reports on file. If any reports are missing, send them with the request.
  1. Submit your extension request to OGM and send a copy to OCS. Include a cover letter from the authorizing official, the request prepared according to guidelines, and any necessary reports.
  1. Respond promptly to queries from AFI staff reviewing your request.

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